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Who We Are​

Brookside Swim and Tennis Club opened its doors in 1961. Over the years the Club has seen many changes, but has always remained a staple of the local community. At our peak we had over 300 members, and today many of those same families spend their summers with us. As we continue to build and grow into the future we strive to cherish our legacy members and create the same lasting relationship with our new families.


Our Pool is led by a Board of Directors, comprised of volunteer members who have throughout their tenure shown unparalleled dedication and service to the pool. Many of our board members can recall spending their summers with us as children, and now carry on the legacy of the pool as its leaders. The day-to-day operations of the pool are headed by our onsite Manager and assistant manager, both equally dedicated to providing a quality experience for all our guests. Our certified Lifeguards not only protect you in the pool, but also offer additional support as our Fun Ambassadors. 


So much work goes into the management, operation, and maintenance of the pool and it could not be done without the unbelievable volunteerism donated by our members. They are the reason we continue to provide this exceptional experience, and the reason our gates remain open. Thank you to all members both present and past for all the hard work you continue to provide for our Brookside Family.

Our Mission

To Provide affordable family fun to the Cincinnati Community.

Our Values

Community. Family. Fun.

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