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Q: What is the General Admission Price for the Pool?

A: Brookside is a private community pool and we do not have any general admission day passes. To attend the pool you must either be a member or purchase a guest pass in attendance with a member. 


Q: Am I able to bring my own cooler?

A: Absolutely! At Brookside you are welcome to bring your own beverages and food, however we do not allow glass and require koozies on all alcoholic beverages. We have grills available for use at no additional charge, and these are on a first come first serve basis.


Q: What is your guest Policy?

A: Members enjoy the added benefit of being able to bring an unlimited number of guests with them to the pool each visit. However an individual guest may only visit the pool a maximum of 5 times in a calendar season. Guest passes may be purchased at the gates for $10.00.


Q: Do you have showers?

A: At Brookside we have full men’s and women’s restrooms/changing rooms with showers available of your use. 


Q: Can I send my child to the pool alone during the day?

A: Brookside does not allow any child under the age of 12 at the pool without adult supervision. A child above the age of 12 who passes a swim test will be allowed to attend the pool on their own. Keep in mind the pool staff’s primary responsibility is to protect the safety of our members, and your child is responsible for his/her own actions. Any unsupervised child in violation of pool rules will receive 3 warnings before being prohibited from attending the pool with adult supervision.


Q: What is the Pool’s Policy regarding inclement weather?

A: In the instance of inclement weather, the pool will be shut down temporarily until the safety of our members can be secured. If thunder is heard, there will be a 30-minute closure before any members are allowed in the water. If lightning is seen, the pool will temporarily close until 30 minutes after the last strike. In the event of lightning, guests will be asked to leave the pool or at minimum take shelter at our facility until the weather passes. If you have any questions regarding inclement weather and the pools operating hours, you may call us at 513-891-9832, or check our Facebook and or Instagram page for updates.



Q: Am I able to rent the shelter for a private party at Brookside?

A: Sorry, only Brookside members are permitted to use the shelter on a first come first serve basis. Use is non-exclusive. Members wishing to use the shelter should coordinate dates and times with the pool manager prior to planning an event. We have grills available for use and you are welcome to bring in your own catering/food/beverages.


Q: Does Brookside ever run a sale on membership prices?

A: We do not offer any sales on membership. We do appreciate those who join us prior to the start of the season and offer early membership discounts for members who join prior to March 1st in the following amounts:


Single: $310.00 / Couple: $445.00 / Family: $545.00

Payment must be received by  cash/check/PayPal for the current summer season by March 1st of the same year's membership in order to receive the early payment discount. (Payment sent by mail with a postmark date 03/01/2024 or prior will qualify for the early payment discount).


Q: Are there lifeguards on duty?

A: At Brookside your safety is a priority for us. Throughout the summer months lifeguards are on duty according to the needs and number of guests in the pool. In August many of our guards return to school, as do many of our members, therefore there will be times when a 
“Swim at your own risk” sign will be posted. We offer swim lessons throughout the season so if any member of your family needs a boost in their swimming confidence, please fill out the form on our "contact" page and one of our staff will reach out to assist you.


Q: Is there pool equipment for rental/use? (chairs, towels, umbrellas, pool toys, goggles)

A: All of our equipment at Brookside is available on a first come first serve basis. We have chairs / umbrellas / tables  ready for you to use. We do not keep any towels at the pool so please don’t forget to pack your own. As for swimming gear, we do have a limited amount of goggles, floats, and other pool toys. These are available upon request and if damaged are not guaranteed to be replaced. Members are free to bring any additional pool equipment with them, and are free to use them as they please so long as they do not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of other guests.


FORGET SOMETHING? Give us a call and we can check our lost and found and put your name on it to await your return. Lost and found is kept for two weeks before the items are donated.

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